How does it work

How does it work

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As you can see, in this portal you can find 2 types of products, the information systems of public entities that will be provided to other public entities and the products of private companies or free software. Next we will explain what is the procedure and the actors that intervene in the request that a State Entity may undertake to request an application from the Entities that appear in this Portal.

State Software Application

This type of software can only be requested by Public Entities, for this you must go to the "State Software" section to identify the system that interests you, to see the institution that has developed it and to contact the person whose data is included in order to perform the respective request, the procedure will depend on each institution. It is important to emphasize that not only the sources will be provided but also the advice.

Various Software

In this portal you can also find information about a large amount of free software that can provide the user user with a general idea of the types of existing software, functions, link to the portal of said software, as well as we provide a search engine through which you will be able to locate the software of your interest in a quicker and easier way.







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