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With Supreme Decree DS-016-2017-PCM, the "National Strategy of Government Open Data of Peru 2017-2021" and the "Government Open Data Model of Peru" were approved. According to Article 6 of DS-016-2017-PCM, the National Open Data Portal is created as a computer system that facilitates access to the National Catalog of Open Data of the Public Administration, constituting one of the facilitating tools of a Open Government, and that responds to the objectives, principles and second line of action of the National Strategy of Open Government Data. What is government open data? It is the information produced by public entities that is made available to the public from the internet, free of charge, without limitations to be used, reused and redistributed. For which a Government Open Data Model has been established. How to implement open data? For the implementation of the open data in the Public Entities, it is recommended to take into consideration the organization of a work team and the processes established in the Quick Guide for the opening of Government Data. Likewise, the actions contemplated in 3 lines of action of the National Strategy. Go to the National Portal of Open Data


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