State interoperability

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According to the European Commission, it is "the ability of ICT systems, and the business processes they support, to exchange data and enable the sharing of information and knowledge". According to the IEEE, "The capacity of two or more systems to exchange and use information". BENEFITS OF INTEROPERABILITY

  • Cooperation between public administration institutions, without distinction of their level of technological development.
  • Facilitates administrative simplification and business processes of the institutions.
  • Streamlines the completion of procedures by the citizen or user.
  • The reuse of data and functionalities that can lead to a reduction in costs.

STATE INTEROPERABILITY PLATFORM-REQUESTS It was inaugurated on October 18, 2011, through Supreme Decree No. 083-2011-PCM. It is a technological infrastructure that allows the implementation of public services online, by electronic means and the electronic exchange of data between State entities through the Internet, mobile telephony and other technological means available. Go toInteroperability of the Peruvian State..


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